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primary school is of primary importance

Research shows the crucial years for learning are the early years. Children learn more and set themselves up for the future. Investing in primary education plays a critical role in the development of the man. Anyone who knows the value of education will tell you that the academic performance is set between the ages of 6 to 10 years old. Establishing the foundations for life-long learning while children are young is the best way to create good learning and study habits and a good primary education secures a boy’s future track record. Of course, a good high school helps, but a student's performance is set by the time he is 10 years old.

Primary education is the crucial and critical stage for academic and social performance for the long-term future. Primary school is also when children are most open to adults as wise mentors and to being positively influenced by good role models. They want to listen and are open to adult directions and support. Get to high school and kids are more eager to run with their tribe. Research also shows that boys are four times more likely to need remedial help during their schooling than girls are. Early intervention is crucial.

During the primary school years we are best able to identify and support issues and develop strategies to assist learning needs. Remedial intervention is then short-term with the purpose of addressing the issues and mainstreaming the child again before the high school years.

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