Follow your heart
and do what's right

Our heritage

A brief history

When Sibella Douglas McMillan started Highbury School in 1903, Hillcrest was a distant hilltop a very long way from Durban.

With faith in God and an indomitable pioneering spirit, she gathered together people - teachers, boys, parents, a community - who have grown over the years into the respected educational force which is Highbury today.

Original Highbury Building
Old photo of Highbury boys

In 1968 the Highbury Society was formed and a Board of Governors, comprising business and educational people, now oversees the well-being of the school.

The school also has well-established ties with leading senior schools in KZN and is proud of its many boys who have been offered scholarships to these fine institutions.

A Message from our Headmaster, Roland lacock

A warm welcome to our website, as you scroll through the pages enjoy taking in a sense of the wonderful tradition Highbury has of holistic boys’ preparatory education. Our staff work ardently to create a learning experience that develops our boys to be creative, critical thinkers who can make a difference to our changing world.

Highbury is a school with over a hundred years of history and carries a rich tradition of educating boys who are passionate about life. Our curriculum is balanced and designed to develop our boys to grow into well-rounded young men who thrive academically, culturally, at sport and develop a sincere Christian faith. At Highbury, our boys develop strong, respectful relationships with their teachers and peers; they learn to be tolerant, inclusive and to walk a life of integrity.

At Highbury we take our role of developing boys seriously. The ‘Culture of Honour’ is woven into who we are and engrained in us as a community; Highbury Boys are taught to develop wisdom by making morally right choices. Character is developed in our boys by learning the importance of perseverance, determination and grit. At the heart of our campus is the beautiful stone chapel that is symbolic of our Christian faith; the spiritual foundation upon which our values and morals are built.

I hope you enjoy a sense of the rhythm of our school, and the value we place on history, purposeful tradition, values and creating future-relevant education.

Highbury | Core Values

  • Christian morals and values
  • Respect for self, others and family
  • Family responsibility
  • Trust - mutual and relational
  • Responsible citizenship within the community, society, the environment and globally

Weavers' Nest | Core Values

  • Christian morals and values
  • Respect for self, others and family
  • Trust
  • Acceptance of others
  • Respect for the environment