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Bursary Opportunity, 1 May to 30 June 2019

for Grade 2 to 7, From January 2020

At Highbury, we continue to prove the benefits a well-balanced boy-centric education has on your son’s future. Highbury Preparatory School is offering a limited number of bursaries for Grades 2 to 7, starting January 2020. We invite you to apply for the opportunity to be awarded a bursary for partial tuition fee remission (25% to 50%) until the end of Grade 7.

How does Partial Fee Remission work?

For example, if your son is currently in Grade 2 in 2019, and is offered a bursary to join Highbury from Grade 3 in 2020, you would pay reduced school fees within the range of 25% to 50% reduction. This percentage reduction would apply consistently every year until the end of Grade 7 for your son.

Full school fees 2019* With 25% remission, you pay With 50% remission, you pay
Fees per year – usually paid in equal installments over 11 months
Grade 3 R 83,000 R 62,250 R 41,500
Grade 4 R 99,120 R 74,340 R 49,560
Grade 5 R 99,120 R 74,340 R 49,560
Grade 6 R 99,120 R 74,340 R 49,560
Grade 7 R 105,000 R 78,750 R 52,500

*Annual inflation-based fee increase is excluded from this calculation

A non-refundable Acceptance Fee (R10,000 - reduced by the same percentage as the fee remission percentage offered i.e. between R5,000 and R7,500) is payable in advance when final confirmation of entry is requested by the Headmaster and must accompany the official acceptance form. This fee is a joining fee and helps fund bursaries and special capital projects.

What are other costs that applicants should budget for?

Highbury fees are as inclusive as possible, with most stationery included as well as all teas and lunches from Grade 3 to 7 (no more lunch boxes, Mum!), all outings except for the Grade 7 excursion, and most cultural group activities.

Highbury has three other compulsory fees each year (which are subject to annual inflation-based fee increase):

  • R 370 per annum for Pupil Accident Insurance
  • R 2,440 per annum Building Recovery Fee for all minor building projects and major maintenance
  • R 1,340 per annum IT Recovery Fee for all the information technology requirements for the school

Other costs to budget for when joining Highbury are an iPad for your son, school uniform and aftercare if needed (to end of Grade 3).

For a detailed schedule of what is included versus excluded, please refer to the 2019 General Information document which you can request via email to

Criteria for Eligibility for a Highbury Bursary

  • Boys who are currently in Grade 1 to 6
  • Boys who are not attending Highbury already
  • The family would otherwise be unable to enrol their son in our school i.e. are financially unable to afford full fees
  • The family are able to afford the reduced fee amount as per the schedule above
  • Applicants must pass the Highbury Entrance Assessment
  • Bursaries are limited and boys may be selected based on their potential to make Highbury proud in academics, sports and/or cultural spheres

All applications are treated with the utmost confidentiality. The decision on which boys are awarded a bursary and the percentage fee remission offered is made by Highbury’s Bursary Committee, comprising of four people: Highbury’s Headmaster, Chairman of the Board, Highbury’s Business Manager and Chairman of Finance Sub-committee. The decisions of this committee will be final and because of the sensitivity and confidentiality of the matters, no appeal or correspondence will be entered into with any applicant.

Application Process

  1. Complete and return the application documents to
    • Bursary Application form (PDF here)
    • A copy of your son’s birth certificate
    • A copy of your son’s latest school report

    Our Business Manager will confirm that your confidential application has been received.

  2. An initial screening process will be conducted by our Business Manager, in order to ensure that applicants are within the appropriate income range so as to be deemed unable to pay full fees at Highbury, and yet with sufficient income to afford the reduced fees offered by the bursary. Your son’s school report will also be reviewed. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of this initial screening process by email from the Business Manager.
  3. All parents of applicants who pass the initial screening process will be invited to a Bursary Information Evening at Highbury, hosted by our Headmaster, which will be in June (exact date will be advised). This will be an opportunity to learn more about Highbury and the difference that comes from ‘Knowing Boys. Since 1903.’ In addition, our Business Manager will explain the Financial Declaration for Bursary form, which will have to be completed and submitted directly to her before the Assessment morning. Once again, this form is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  4. Your son will be invited to our Bursary Assessment morning on Saturday 20 July at Highbury. Our experienced teachers strive to make this as relaxed for the boys as possible, please do not worry.
  5. Parents will have the opportunity to tour Highbury, either on Saturday 20th July during their son’s assessment, or during the week when you can see the school ‘in action’.
  6. The Bursary Committee will meet to review applicants and letters of acceptance will be sent out by the middle of September 2019. Payment of the Acceptance Fee by the parents will then secure your son’s place at Highbury from January 2020.

Any questions?

Contact or call 031 765 9800 and ask for Bianca Woolley.