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Cultural Activites


Music forms part of the boys' curriculum as a non-examinable subject. All boys from Grade 1-7 attend Music lessons for one hour per week. Grade R boys attend one ½ hour session per week.

These lessons include:

  • A brief introduction to music history and form
  • Folk music
  • Listening to a wide variety of music style
  • Reading music notation and playing of instruments and recorders
  • Percussion instruments are frequently used
  • Performing individually and as a group
  • Guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), flute, drum kit, piano, violin, cello, voice training, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet
  • African drumming is also offered as an optional extra and is a vibrant growing group
  • Boys also have the opportunity to play in the SP orchestra or to sing in the school choirs (FP and SP) and there are many opportunities to play in concerts at the school or at other schools in the Highway area
  • The drum line group involves reading notation and the boys play on snares, toms and a bass drum

The music department regularly tours to other provinces, visiting local schools and sharing their talents. Regular music concerts are also held for parents and extended family which allows the boys to showcase their talents.


Drama offers learners the opportunity to explore and express in a safe and controlled environment. In addition to the academic content, boys experiment with mime, dance, drama, improvisation, script writing and stage performance.

During a time-tabled lesson, boys in Grades 1-3 develop their performing skills in Voice Characterisation, Narrative and Ensemble acting. They use drama games and exercises to explore and express their own ideas about the world in which we live.

Foundation Phase put on a production every year in which every boy takes part and Senior Primary put on a production every second year because they have a much fuller curriculum. Every boy therefore gets the opportunity to play a role in a production in both Foundation Phase and Senior Primary.


Art lessons will continue to be a creative exploration of colour, paint, texture and other materials. Lessons are planned and designed specifically to stimulate illustrative and craft creativity. Children in Grade 4 – 7 are taught by a specialist art teacher.

Design and Technology (DT)

This is a learning area at Highbury that will extend boys in areas of practical, lateral and problem solving intellect. DT will extend the boys creative boundaries through experimentation and discovery, will help develop new skills and knowledge, and will promote positive attitudes and values towards social, environmental and economic issues.

Public Speaking and Reading

This is conducted throughout the year with competitions running during some of the terms.